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Coach Update - 1/17/21

Crimson Wrestlers and Families-

Week Two Recap

After 10 practices (and 11 months) it was great to see some Crimson wrestling!  While there is no shortage of things to work on – there is plenty of good things happening that we should be able to build on as well.  Many of our wrestlers picked up their first wins of the season and five wrestlers (Noah Bourgeois, Connor Peterson, Ben Schultz, Max Johnson, and Zeth Petrie) remain undefeated.     

We are a young team with 40% of our roster still in Junior High (by comparison Zimmerman had zero 7th and 8th graders on their roster).  With youth also comes inexperience – and that’s especially true with many of our wrestlers.  While that combination may not lead to immediate success – it does bode well for our learning curve.  This is an athletic, hard-working group and it’s going to be fun to see them progress throughout the season.          

Here are the details you'll need for the week ahead!

Weekly Schedule – Practices and Meets:

Looking forward to utilizing the next three practices to fix the areas where we got beat, improve upon what we are doing well, and to continue to work into wrestling shape.  The plan is as follows:

Monday, 1.18.21 – No School – Practice at 3p (Note This is a change from the original schedule of a 9a practice – sorry for the last-minute notice).

 Tuesday, 1.19.21 – Weight Room at 2:30p; Wrestling at 3:15p.

Wednesday, 1.20.21 – Practice at 3p.

Thursday, 1.21.21 – Home vs. Rogers (Conference and Section opponent).  Weigh-ins at 4:30p.  Be to the school by 4:15p.  JV at 6p, Varsity at 7p.

Friday, 1.22.21 – At Orono Middle School vs. Orono and Apple Valley.  Wrestlers to the school by 3:15p.  We'll weigh-in at 3:30p and then take the bus to Orono.  Wrestling begins at 5p and our rounds will take place around 6p and 7p.  There will be NO FANS allowed but they are working on setting up a live stream for the matches. Will be +1 pound (106 = 109, 113 = 116, etc.).

Saturday, 1.23.21 – Optional practice at 9a.

Maple Grove Wrestling Team/Fan Gear

If anyone would like to order additional Team/Fan Gear please let me know.  We are looking to open the store for one additional week – hopefully starting this week and if you are interested, I will get you the necessary information.

Mat Boss Video Access

Many of you have noticed the Carters video-taping (as well as scoring) all of our matches.  This allows each wrestler to watch their matches once they are uploaded.  This is how that is done: 

Here is a video showing you how to gain access to your matches:

Our team code is: NR64T1

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Technique Video of the Week

A few good videos on finishing shots when your opponent stops your initial attack (a position we spent a lot of time in this past week):

Cael Sanderson:

Ed Ruth:

John Smith:


Can’t wait to spend the next few days getting better and see the improvements in action on Thursday and Friday!  As always let me know if anybody has any questions. 

Coach Troy


Coach Update - 1/10/21

Hello Wrestling Families!
Last Week Recap
In last week’s email I predicted we would have a driven team that will improve quickly. The first week on the mat with these young Men exceeded even my lofty expectations. We won’t have the most kids on the roster, but the wrestlers we do have show the ability to put in the work – and that’s what it takes to succeed in wrestling. Work ethic is the most important attribute in wrestling. It’s also an athletically gifted group. It should be fun to see how these talented and hard-working individuals develop throughout the season. I’m incredibly excited to pick up with where we left off in week two.

Here are the details you'll need for the week ahead!

Volunteer Request - Please Help!
For Friday’s home match (and every home match from there on) we will need three people to help out with the score clock during the match. We are also very short on managers for the season and need one or two people willing to record and score matches. This is easy to train on/learn. If you are willing to help out please let me know as soon as possible. It would be nice to have a plan in place well in advance of Friday’s match. Volunteers are considered essential workers and thus do not count against our fans limit.

Home Meet Fans:
We are allowed 50 fans per home meet – which equates to basically 2 fans per athletes. We need to turn in the list of fans to the athletic office well in advance of match days. Booster Club President Kyle Kilgard will be creating a list. Please call or text him with the names of the fans who will be attending for your wrestler. Kyle’s # is 612-532-6426. Let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns.

Monday, Jan. 11th - Practice beginning at 3p.
Tuesday, Jan. 12th – Weight room at 2:30p. Wrestling practice will begin at 3:30p.
Wednesday, Jan. 13th – Practice beginning at 3p. Team pictures after practice at 4:45p. All wrestlers should have received a picture order form but if not please have them grab one from me.
Thursday, Jan. 14th - Weight room at 2:30p. Wrestling practice will begin at 3:15p.

Meets and Tournaments:
Friday, Jan. 15th – Home match vs. Zimmerman. Wrestlers should be to the school by 4:15p. We’ll do weigh-ins at 4:30p. In this match as in all matches this season the team will get two additional pounds (106 = 108, 113=115, etc.). Following weigh-ins wrestlers will eat and then we will set-up up the mat at around 5p. JV is set to begin at 6p with Varsity starting by 7p. After the match all wrestlers are expected to help take down the mat.

Contact Kyle Kilgard for in person tickets. NOTE: Wrestlers will only be able to wrestle if they have their parent signed certification sheets turned PRIOR TO FRIDAY.

Saturday, Jan. 16th – Away match vs. Totino Grace. All wrestlers should be to the school by 6:45a. There will be an extra pound for this match (106 = 109, 113 = 116, etc.). We’ll weigh-in at Maple Grove at 7a and the then head to Totino Grace at 7:30a. JV will start at 9a followed by the Varsity match. Contact Kyle Kilgard for in person tickets.

Friday and Saturday is must see wrestling! Can’t wait to see the Crimson battle again for the first time in almost 11 months! As always please let me know if you have any questions.
I look forward to seeing everybody soon!

Awesome Maple Grove Wrestling Fan Gear
We’ve done a couple rounds of fan gear orders to this point. If there is anyone who is still interested in ordering wrestling gear this season please let me know and I’ll see what I can do (no promises but if it’s possible we’ll try to make it happen).

Technique Video of the Week
A young Jordan Burroughs (Olympic Champion) shows some of the basic techniques that have made him the best in the world the last ten years. Spoiler Alert: Much of this is very similar to what we worked this past week in practice).
Looking forward to putting together four more great practices and getting the competition season started this week! See you all soon.

Coach Troy

Coach's weekly update 11/28

By Troy Seubert 11/28/2022, 7:00am CST

Hello Wrestling Families!

Last Week Recap

The first week of the season is always a little crazy – creating a routine takes time and until that routine is established, additional communication regarding schedules and expectations is necessary.  When the first week of the season falls during the week of Thanksgiving that adds an additional dynamic with days off of school and some wrestlers traveling.  Add in a number of our wrestlers finishing up their Fall Sports Season (Let’s Go Crimson Football!) and the first week was definitely unique.    

That said, I felt we had five strong practices this week.  It’s exciting to see so many athletes in the room (we are at 51 registered wrestlers – which matches an all-time Crimson Wrestling high).  There is a lot of talent in the room – and I love what I’ve seen from a work ethic stand point.  We have wrestlers at all levels (Varsity/JV/9th grade) who are going to have awesome seasons and it’s easy to envision our new wrestlers developing quickly.  Good things are in store for those who are willing to consistently commit to giving their best effort

While it’s fun to see the process required of success that takes place in the practice room, seeing the results of those efforts on meet day is what our wrestlers work for.  It’s going to be fun see to see the growth that takes place as the season goes on – and competitions begin this week!

Before I get into our weekly schedule, I want to take a minute to thank the many wrestlers and parents who helped make today’s youth tournament a success.  The efforts of today will directly correlate with the experience our wrestlers are able to have this season.  Because of this tournament, we’ll be able to do things like attend out of state tournaments, purchase team shirts and shorts, go out to eat as a team, have extra coaches, etc.  It was awesome to see many young and relatively inexperienced wrestlers step up as officials and do really well in that role.  We also had a number of first year wrestlers who learned completely knew skills and did a great job learning on the fly (plus they were able to learn a lot about wrestling in the process).  We also have a great group of reliable veterans that are dependable leaders and did a great job as officials and as knowledgeable table workers.  These wrestlers carried the load today and their efforts are much appreciated!  Thank you also to all of our parents who helped make the day a success today.  Too many to list but definitely appreciated!   

With the first week of the season is in the books – let’s take a look at the week 2 schedule.

Here are the details you'll need for the week ahead:


Monday, 11.28 – Weight room at 2:15p with practice beginning in the wrestling room at 3:10p.  We will also do equipment check out for headgear and knee pads right after school for the high school guys and right when the buses arrive for the middle school guys.  The team doctor will hopefully be coming to sign the second batch of certification sheets during practice so hopefully all wrestlers can get their parent signatures and return them to Coach Troy or Coach Lefebvre by Tuesday.

Tuesday, 11.29 – Weight room at 2:15p with practice beginning in the wrestling room at 3:10p. The plan is to have Team Pictures after practice.  We will have singlets for the wrestlers to wear at pictures.  Managers should wear a Crimson Wrestling shirt if they have one (otherwise we’ll find one they can use for the picture).  We’ll hopefully have picture available after practice on Monday and also post the PDF on our website*1g4sz7j*_ga*ODA1MDk0MzY1LjE2MzI5NTc2MjQ.*_ga_PQ25JN9PJ8*MTY2OTY0MDIyNy40LjEuMTY2OTY0MDI5NS4wLjAuMA..#_ga=2.126231373.110884428.1669640227-805094365.1632957624

Wednesday, 11.30 – Wrestling room at 3:10p.  

Thursday, 12.1 – First Meet of the season – at Maple Grove.  Here is the projected schedule:

3:30p - Weigh-ins

4:30p - Rockford vs. Maple Grove, Benilde St. Margaret vs. Rogers

5:45p - BSM vs. Maple Grove, Rockford vs. Rogers

7p - Rogers vs. Maple Grove, BSM vs. Rockford

This is Varsity and a JV event - all wrestlers will compete.

Friday, 12.2 – No School – practice at 2:30p.

Saturday, 12.4 – Individual Tournament at Osseo.  I have not yet received information regarding the schedule but based on last year’s tournament Wrestlers and Coaches will meet at Osseo Senior High at 6:40a.  Weigh-ins are at 7a and any wrestlers who are not there for weigh-ins at 7a will not be able to compete.  Managers can come at 8:40a with wrestling beginning on 9a sharp.    
Volunteer Request - Please Help!
Our biggest event of the high school season that we put on is fast approaching.  We host a 16 Team Varsity and JV tournament on December 10th.  We have many needs to pull this tournament off and make it a first-class tournament that offers our athletes a great experience as well as keeps other teams coming back.  Because our current wrestlers will be wrestling in the event we NEED our parents to step up and take this on.  Your help would be greatly appreciated with the following:

 Table Workers.  We plan to set-up 7 mats and will need 2 table workers throughout the day.  This means we’ll need 14 table workers at all times (14 from 9a – 1p and 14 more from 1p – 5p).  

  • We will also need people to help with admissions.

  • We will need help in concessions.

  • We will need help with runners in the Coaches room.

  • We need some help with security throughout the day.

Please consider signing up for one or more shift at the tournament.              

Here is the link:
Upcoming Events:

Out of Town Trips:  We will soon begin talking about who intends to attend the teams two overnight trips.  The Redwood River Riot is 12.16 (Varsity and 9th grade team) and 12.17 (Varsity and J.V.).  

We leave for the Eau Claire Tournament on 12.28, stay the night at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, and then wrestle (Varsity and J.V.) and return on 12.29.  

We do ask wrestlers to contribute to these trips as we take a coach bus, stay overnight at a hotel, provide a significant portion of each wrestler’s food while there, and stop to eat at a Pizza Ranch on the way home.  

Although not necessary, parents/families are also encouraged to attend and support the team.  The wrestlers love these tournaments – and it’s been my impression the parents enjoy them just as much.  We will be posting lodging information on the website in the very near future.  Please let me know if anybody has any questions. 

Crimson Wrestling Apparel:    

The group order deadline (to receive free shipping) for the Awesome Maple Grove Wrestling Fan Gear is Friday, Dec. 2nd.  You can order apparel at any time but will need to pay shipping if you miss the group order window.

Apparel Ordering Website:

If you have ordered during the first window, your order should have arrived.  I have two orders at the school still be distributed.  If you/your wrestler has not received their order as of yet please have them check with me at practice this week. 

Also, if you/your wrestler ordered a personalized Crimson Wrestling backpack ($35 range) or personalized Crimson wrestling Warm-ups ($60 for Jacket and $45 for the Joggers) I will be paying for the group order and getting those bills finalized and sent out.  I can take Venmo (@Troy-Seubert) or Check.   

Certification Sheets:

If your wrestler hasn’t already, they will be bringing home certification sheets this week to be signed and returned to Coach Lefebvre or myself.  The Doctor will have circled the lowest weight your wrestler can wrestle at seasons end.  Often times these weights are much lower that the weight your wrestler will actually wrestle at.  Your wrestler will only be allowed to wrestle at the higher of the weights you and the doctor circle.  I highly encourage all parents to circle the same weight that the doctor signed as there is no reason to eliminate options.  Later in the season their will be times where the weight classes will get an additional 4 pounds (106 = 110, 113 = 117, 120 = 124, etc.).  Combine that with working out hard every day and all options are a good thing.  Please feel free to reach out to me (763)-913-0601 or with questions.  YOUR WRESTLER WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE UNTIL THEIR SHEET IS SIGNED AND RETURNED TO A COACH AS WELL AS SUBMITTED INTO THE MINNESOTA STATE HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE.   

Sports Engine and Future Communication

Lastly please download the Sports Engine App and sign up to receive future communications if you have not yet done so.  Parents and wrestlers can each sign up to receive future communications and schedule changes through the Sports Engine app by going to  We try to stick to the schedule as best as possible – and when necessary, we will try to make sure all schedule changes are updated within the app.  Schedule changes are also communicated in practice and each week’s schedule is written on the white board in the wrestling room for your wrestler to reference.  Please let me know if you have any questions with this as we will use this app for communications throughout the week.     

Looking forward to getting the competition season started this week!  Hopefully we’ll see you all soon.

Coach Troy

Coach Weekly Update 11/20/22

By Troy Seubert 11/20/2022, 10:30am CST

Wrestlers, managers, and wrestling families,

Welcome to the 2022 – 2023 wrestling season!  It’s an exciting time to be a Crimson Wrestler, Coach, or Supporter and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling this week! 

There are a few changes that should be a positive to our program.  Our coaching staff is evolving – Coach Lefebvre will take on additional responsibility as the Co-Head Coach.  We’ve also added a trio of young and highly qualified assistants in Carl Leuer, Boone Young, and Daniel Polanco who are first time Crimson coaches.  The new guys along with the returning staff of Brad Hozerland, Ron Seubert, Mike Peterson, Eddie Kilgard, Alex Nelson, and myself should form a strong team of supports for our Crimson wrestlers.   

On the Mat I’m optimistic our numbers will near an all-time high for our program.  We sit at 41 registered wrestlers – but I don’t think 50 is out of the question.  This is a considerable increase  from last season’s numbers – thanks to a large group of first year athletes and a handful of middle schoolers coming up from our youth program.  It also helps that we return most of our team – due to a small group of 2022 seniors.

We remain a young team – with the great majority of our team (26/41 wrestlers) being eligible for 9th grade competitions once again (7th, 8th, and 9th graders).  Our biggest grade level currently includes 11 registered eighth graders – although that number could be outdone by the 9th graders when it’s all said and done (currently 9 Freshman on the roster).    

What our oldest groups lack in sheer numbers they make up for with talent and skill.  We some very talented Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are well equipped to lead the team on and off the mat.  This is a driven group who will be crucial in all aspects of the teams success.  I have a lot of confidence in this group leading our younger guys through their words and actions in a way we can all be proud. 

Below is the Maple Grove Wrestling Schedule for a VERY BUSY week 1:


Monday, Nov. 21st - Weight room at 2:15p for the high school students with practice beginning in the wrestling room at 3:10p.  High-school wrestlers should plan on lifting right after school from 2:15p to 3p at least 2-3 times per week if they don’t need to spend the time with a teacher or devote that time to school work.  Practices will typically go until around 5p – although some days will be a little later and other will be a little earlier depending on what is needed that day.   

Tuesday, Nov. 22nd – Weight room at 2:15p for the high school students with practice beginning in the wrestling room at 3:10p.  We will also begin doing our weight certifications with the team trainer.  All wrestlers need to be certified and have their certification sheets signed by the team doctor and a parent/guardian prior to being allowed to participate in competition (MSHSL rule).  Wednesday, Nov. 23rd - Weight room at 2:15p with practice beginning in the wrestling room at 3:10p.  The team doctor will be coming to sign certification sheets during practice so hopefully all wrestlers can get their parent signatures and return them to Coach Troy or Coach Lefebvre by the end of the week.

Thursday, Nov. 24th – Happy Thanksgiving.  No Practice.  We have traditionally have played a Thanksgiving Day fun game of touch football with the wrestling Alumni.  The Alumni will be there once again.  The game will be on the Fernbrook Turf fields at 9a for anyone who wants to play.  The game typically lasts an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.     

Friday, Nov. 25th – Practice 9a – 11a.  First competition wrestle-offs will begin.

Saturday, Nov. 26th – Change in practice timing:  The Saturday practice will likely be from 12p – 1:30p.  First competition wrestle-offs will continue as needed.  This will be an open practice where Friends and family members are invited and encouraged to attend and check out a practice.  We run 1 or 2 open practices per season so if you can make it this is a good opportunity to see what your wrestler is doing at practice every day.    

Following practice, we will need to set up mats on Saturday for the Maple Grove Youth Tournament that is on Sunday, Nov. 27th.  Mat set-up should take 45 minutes to an hour – depending on how much help we have and how busy everybody remains throughout the process.  Parent help is welcome if parents are free.  Many hands make light work.  

This tournament is a great opportunity for our newest wrestlers to get an idea of what a wrestling match looks like.  It’s also one of our biggest fundraisers of the season and helps us to be able to afford items such items at team apparel, out of town trips, and additional coaches.   

Youth Tournament Details:

Sunday, Nov. 27th – Wrestling begins at 9a.  Wrestlers should be there at 8a.  Experienced wrestlers will be used to Ref while newer wrestlers will be used at scoring tables.  All will be trained in on their duties prior to the tournament beginning.  All wrestlers/managers will have a job to do as this tournament is the primary way we ask our wrestlers to contribute in an effort that will directly benefit their experience this season.  

If parents are available to help with this process, we’ll take their help as well.  This could also be great practice for the help that we are going to need from the parents while our wrestlers compete at our home tournament on Dec. 10th.  Parent volunteer opportunities can be found here:

  Maple Grove Youth Individual Tournament – November 27 (Sunday):

Maple Grove Invite - Dec. 10th:

Awesome Maple Grove Wrestling Fan Gear

If you missed the first round of orders, don’t fret!  Order your gear now to receive it by Christmas.  The link is:

If you have ordered during the first window, we will let you know when those have arrived. 

Also, if you/your wrestler is interested in ordering a personalized Crimson Wrestling backpack or personalized Crimson wrestling Warm-ups please check out the posts related to each item on our Facebook Page and then send the necessary information of what you are looking for to or by posting on Facebook.  

Upcoming Schedule Change:

Our initial home quad has been moved and is now scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 1st.  There is no school on Friday, Dec. 2nd so we may choose to practice in the morning that day as well – To Be Determined and communicated in the near future.  

Sports Engine and Future Communication

Lastly please download the Sports Engine App and sign up to receive future communications.  Parents and wrestlers can each sign up to receive future communications and schedule changes through the Sports Engine app by going to  Please let me know if you have any questions with this as we will use this app for communications throughout the week.     

It will be a busy but fun first week.  Looking forward to getting the season started and seeing what these wrestlers grow and mature!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Hopefully everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving week and we’ll see you all soon.  

Coach Troy


Registration for pre-season wrestling practice is open!

By Christina Fox 10/04/2022, 3:15pm CDT

Pre-season Wrestling Practices at Maple Grove Senior High:  We will host seven pre-season practices from 6p – 7:30p on the following dates:  Oct. 26th, Nov. 1, 3, 10, 15, 17.  The plan is to have elite level coaches and/or current Gopher Wrestlers to run these practices.  Last seasons Maple Grove free-style coaches Troy Steiner and Gopher Wrestler Drew Roberts will likely run all or most of the sessions.  Click here to register for the pre-season wrestling practices.

The registration for the regular wrestling season is also open. Click here to register for the regular wrestling season.

There is also links to both registrations on the MGSH wrestling website:

USAWrestling USA Wrestling USAWrestling

trackwrestling Trackwrestling trackwrestling